Why Franchise in Dadas Litson?

No royalty fees.
Stable Franchisor - more than 14 years experience with almost 200 branches.
Best market position.
Creative branch set-up and looks.
Affordable Franchise Package.
Return on Investment (ROI) in less than one (1) year.
Economical price for materials and supplies.
Strong operational, marketing and accounting support from Franchisor.
Unique, delicious taste.
Food Business is profitable.
Stable and long - term business - People eat chicken and pork almost everyday..
Easy to manage and control - Inventory can be easily accounted even if Franchisee is working in the Philippines or abroad.
Continuous product development, marketing and innovation
Back-up by affiliated companies with core businesses in consulting, accounting, audit, tax, training, business registration, marketing and IT.

Included in the Franchise Fee

Use of Dadas Litsons name, trade, mark, logo and other proprietary marks for 4 years.
Site evaluation and approval.
Standard design for store, machine, signages, and other marketing materials.
Operations Manual on loan.
Training for the franchisee and staff for business management operations, customer service, management and government reportorial requirements, human resources and accounting. If the site is outside of Metro Manila, the actual cost of transportation and lodging will be billed to the Franchisee.
Continuous product development and innovation.
Marketing and Opening Assistance.

Continuous Support

Assignment of Franchise Account Officer (FAO) - This is to ensure effecient coordination between Dadas Litsons Departments and Franchisee.
Regular Business Review and Evaluation by Dadas Accountant/FAO/Operations and Franchisee.
Regular promotion and marketing activities (local pomotion).